Monday, May 23, 2005

Sea Trout

browntrout georges brk
Originally uploaded by john.king.

Air temperature today zero celcius with moderate wind about 20 kmh from the northwest. High tide was 8am and I started shortly after 9. Lots of salmon smolts and small sea run brook trout were lying just to the soft side of the the outgoing tide and I lost many of them with the #10 barbless hook. Also hooked and lost a nice fish that looked like a brook trout of about one pound when he spit the hook. As the tide dropped, one nice looking fish came charging from the tail of the tide into the shallows, probably chasing a small bait fish. Perhaps it was this brown that I hooked shortly after that in about the same place. Unweighted red #10 wooly peacock retrieved with long steady pulls out of the current.
Note the net marks behind the gill plate.

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