Friday, July 15, 2005

Fischells River

Fischell's River re-opened this year as a Class IV (catch and relearse only). This is one of the most beautiful rivers in the Bay St George area. At Trestle Pool there is a large gypsum cliff face.

Going up river from there the river cuts through steep cliff faces. We fished this section between the trestle and the highway two days. I hooked and released one nice fish on a Big Intervale Blue below Cobbs Pool.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Jack Morning Mist

Jack Morning Mist, originally uploaded by john.king.

At last-- salmon season opened! Jack and I made our usual pilgrimage to the west coast of the island where there are nine scheduled rivers within an hour's drive. Water was a bit low on many rivers and the run was later than normal. We did do comparatively well, hooking up with several fish over the week. The real highlight was seeing some new water.

This photo is Robinson's River near dawn. No fish that morning, but a scene worth remembering well into winter.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Sea Trout

browntrout georges brk
Originally uploaded by john.king.

Air temperature today zero celcius with moderate wind about 20 kmh from the northwest. High tide was 8am and I started shortly after 9. Lots of salmon smolts and small sea run brook trout were lying just to the soft side of the the outgoing tide and I lost many of them with the #10 barbless hook. Also hooked and lost a nice fish that looked like a brook trout of about one pound when he spit the hook. As the tide dropped, one nice looking fish came charging from the tail of the tide into the shallows, probably chasing a small bait fish. Perhaps it was this brown that I hooked shortly after that in about the same place. Unweighted red #10 wooly peacock retrieved with long steady pulls out of the current.
Note the net marks behind the gill plate.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Heavy Water

rydersbrkmay 21-05
Originally uploaded by john.king.

After the rain comes this torrent of tannic water. Ryders Brook drains a very large area of peat bog near the headwaters and the water is always discoloured to some extent.

Calm Estuary

Ryders Brook May19-05
Ryders Brook May19-05,
originally uploaded by john.king.
Well, I was happy to have had a couple of quiet hours on the water Thursday before the heavy rain. The sea run brook trout have started to come in, a good sign. Only midges hatching here so far.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Canadian Budget for Atlantic Salmon

Well this is some good news. It's only a one-time deal of $30Million, but a good sign just the same.
It's about time the Canadian Federal government invested in Atlantic salmon preservation.

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